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  • Wow… She looks like a young Sandra Bullock/Eva Longoria combination…

    Thanks for the informative video. Eventually I'll get around to mixing the Chia seeds I bought like 3 weeks ago with something I think I can tolerate (blueberries, bananas, etc).

  • I think the term you meant to use is "hydrate" rather than "ferment". Chia does not ferment but it is highly absorbent and absorbs 10 times its weight in fluid.
    Rather than the way shown here I would recommend soaking the chia in whatever fluid you intend for at least an hour. And a 2 to 1 ratio is not enough, you probably need a 5 to 1 ratio with fluid at least. If it is not completely hydrated it could be constipating – because it will soak up the fluid in your stomach instead. The method shown here would leave the seeds only partially hydrated when consumed. But yes, as described heating the water speeds up the hydration process.
    For a beginner two tablespoons can be a lot to start out with, I would suggest 1 or two teaspoons and slowly work your way up to a higher amount.
    If you are soaking chia way ahead of time it is a good idea to refrigerate or the chia will start sprouting in a few days. Nothing wrong with that but sprouts may not be what you want in a drink, it will be more of a salad thing.
    And what someone said earlier is incorrect – hydrating it in the fridge overnight does not decrease its weight-loss effect. Its weight loss effect is caused by the fact that it is a low-glycemic food which will help regulate insulin and normalize your sugar metabolism.
    But it is important to understand that simply drinking chia and eating cheesecake after won't lead to weight loss. It is not magic, it decreases your cravings by stabilizing sugar in your blood. But it won't stop you from overeating if you are determined enough. IJS.

  • Wondering how long they are good for in the frig with the water.  Anyone know? I have been using Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds Black from Costco that are 2lbs for under $9.00.  Anyone tried them and having good results?  Thank you`

  • LOVE chia seeds! Nature's "Metamucil", but they do so much more for your body by comparison. I like to combine them with raspberries, blackberries, tomatoes (HEIRLOOM wherever they're available), and almond milk (preferably unsweetened) for a nice meal-like drink at any time of the day. Definitely keeps the hunger pains at bay for a good long while!

  • for those asking, I think she ferments them so they fully absorb the water so when she adds them to her drink they don't turn her drink into a pudding. the seeds can only absorb so much moisture.

  • I think you shouldn't ferment over night if you're interested in losing weight. by the time it gets to your stomach it gets broken down and won't feel full. I've used it in every possible way but either way they're full of vitamins and maybe the first day or two you'll have to use the restroom but its cleansing you which we all need. I just love these seeds. :)

  • It would be more convenient to simply add chia seeds along with the juice in a glass bottle, leave it overnight, shake the bottle and drink it. No mess and it is way easier!


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